Funky modernist chapels and churches of Kerala, India

9 Apr

It is a dissertation waiting to be written! Here is a nudge towards a thesis. Only the Christian churches looked like this. It was a distinct phenomenon. It was as if they were saying, look how different we are from the dark Hindu temples, which accumulate unfathomably over time, their sculptures layered with oil and ash and perfume. I heard more than once that the Christian faith, with its message of the importance of every human soul, has attracted many people from the lower rungs of society looking for an escape from the Hindu caste system. These clean, upbeat, modernist buildings carry a message: you can keep going to the traditional Hindu temples with their layerings, repetitions, and rituals, and never see change, or you can come to the Church, fresh and clean, and come into a new life.



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    […] Art historian Alexander Nagel recently returned from Kerala, where he photographed these groovy modernist churches. He’s under the impression that they are a reaction to classical Hindu temple architecture. […]

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