Making temple statues with power tools, Kerala, India.

9 Apr

The use and display of works of art in India work against the earnest art historian. Ancient statues are doused in oil and pelted with ash, but sometimes they aren’t old at all. Types persist over centuries, making it difficult for all but the experts to date them even within spans of hundreds of years. So imagine my joy in looking out the car window and seeing a real workshop in full swing.

Excuse the blur but I just glimpsed it. Stop the car! Let’s say hello to the craftsmen.

The tools are new but the process is the same as it ever was and the results are iconographically recognizable. Or at least I think they are…


One Response to “Making temple statues with power tools, Kerala, India.”

  1. Beulah Medure November 15, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    power tools are always nice since you dont need to exert too much effort. ,

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